Oregon AR-15 Laws – Rifle, Carbine, and Pistol

The AR-15 is traditionally a black, pistol-gripped, magazine-fed semi-automatic rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO.

AR15 Legal Oregon
AR-15s are legal in Oregon.

There is no registration of AR-15s required in Oregon. There is no waiting period to buy an AR-15 in Oregon. A background check is required to purchase an AR-15 in Oregon– either by private party, through a licensed gun dealer, or at a gun show. Contrary to popular myth, there is no “gun-show loophole” in Oregon. Anyone buying an AR-15– or any other firearm in Oregon– is required to submit to and pass a background check through the Oregon State Police.

The background check at most dealers costs around $10, requires government-issued identification, and thumbprints. The background check takes only a few minutes, and you can leave the store with the rifle the same day– usually within 20-30 minutes.

The AR-15 is not a make of firearm that belongs to one brand. Although it was originally designed and manufactured by Armalite, it’s now a term that’s gone the way of “Xerox” and “photocopies.”

For example, the AR-15 is not a Mustang made by Ford, or a Corvette made by Chevy. An AR-15 is more like a 1/2 ton truck, and there are numerous companies that make 1/2 ton trucks. Some of the most popular AR-15 variants are made by Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Colt, Bushmasher, DPMS, Anderson, etc.

Oregon AR-15 Laws

AR-15s come in many different configurations. There are rifle-length AR-15s, as well as slightly shorter carbine lengths. There are also AR-15 pistols. All configurations of the AR-15 are legal in Oregon provided that they remain semi-automatic, otherwise meet the minimum length requirements (overall length and barrel length requirements) for all pistols and rifles, that the use is not prohibited (hunting, carried into a prohibited area such as a government building, etc), and that the possessor is otherwise legal to possess firearms.

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