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Michael Romano – Oregon Gun Rights Attorney

Oregon Attorney Michael Romano is Oregon’s top gun rights attorney. As an avid target shooter and collector, his knowledge about firearms is not merely theoretical. It comes from a passion for firearms and the shooting sports.

Oregon Gun Rights Attorney

Most laws concerning firearms are Federal. However, there are several Oregon laws that commonly touch upon unlawful use or possession of firearms:

Our office can help with these common firearm charges. In addition, we also offer expertise and guidance with the following legal services:

  • Restoring Gun Rights
  • Advising as to Felony Hunting Rights
  • Defending Gun Rights
  • Establishing an NFA Gun Trust (for silencers, suppressors, short-barrelled rifles, and full-auto/fully-automatic machine guns)
  • Concealed Handgun License Revocation Proceedings
  • Concealed Handgun License Appeal Proceedings
  • Firearm Self-Defense Cases

Solid Legal Advice You Can Count On

Many people search the Internet for answers to their legal questions and questions about firearms laws in an effort to save money. But you need to ask yourself: Can you really count on the advice you receive from a random stranger on a gun forum? Will he help you get out of jail or pay your legal expenses if he’s wrong? Is he a legal expert, or a “keyboard warrior?” Reach out to a true legal expert before you possibly violate Oregon’s gun laws. Our consultations are offered at reasonable cost, and you can count on our advice.

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