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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for law firms

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a new Google-backed form of webpage that are expected to be implemented into Google's search engine results in early 2016.  Some marketers are theorizing that Google will give these pages a ranking boost because they will load fast and thus be preferred by mobile users. Preliminary tests have shown that AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimized pages. Search Engine Land has an article on the subject here, and more info can also be found at the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project,  and a primer on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can be found here, here, and here. More technical info is available here. Aside from the fact that Accelerated Mobile Pages are eventually expected to rank better than standard pages, it's important to consider that prospective clients don't have a lot of patience for bloated, slow-loading pages. Attorneys make want to consider the technical and psychological appear of a distilled-down page with good content, that loads quickly. In a nutshell, it doesn't appear that the pages can easily be written in an editor and simply put into a traditional attorney/lawyer website. It looks like the pages will require much more technical knowledge to code. However, it appears that this will be either the new format for mobile content or will provide a glimpse into where mobile content and design are headed. With more and more clients searching for legal advice and shopping for attorneys/lawyers on their mobile devices, hopefully there will be some editors created which will allow attorneys/lawyers to create these pages (or convert existing pages) in-house. UPDATE: Yoast now has a couple of good posts about AMP roll out here and here. Two plugins also appear to [...]

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Abuse of disabled prisoners at Oregon DOC

Disability Rights Oregon has completed a review of hours of video, interviewed 19 prisoners, and has issued a report detailing abuse of prisoners in Behavioral Health Unit at the Oregon State Penitentiary-- including routine use of tasers, pepper-spray, isolation, and denial of access to adequate mental health care. Disability Rights Oregon (formerly Oregon Advocacy Center) was established in 1977 (as the Oregon Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Center) and is designated as Oregon’s Protection & Advocacy (P&A) system. Following a series of investigative reports in 1975 by reporter Geraldo Rivera, Congress mandated that each state and territory receiving funding under the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 1975 (the "DD Act") establish a P&A system to protect the rights of people with developmental disabilities. Read more at OPB.    

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Collecting & Analysing Data To Catch Racist and Violent Cops

Two computer programmers from Seattle-- Eric Rachner and Phil Mocek (blog)-- have used Washington's Public Records Act and their analytic skills to uncover instances and patterns of officer misconduct at the Seattle Police Department, all while the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) systematically shielded dirty cops from reprimands. Read more at The Stranger and the Sky Valley Chronicle.

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Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize

The New York Times published an article November 9th, 2014 that highlights police misuse of civil forfeiture laws. Originally intended to seize guns, cars, cash, and other fruits of criminal activity, civil forfeitures around the country are being used aggressively by law enforcement as nothing more than a shopping list for police departments to obtain items they want, and items that can be sold quickly for cash to fund the departments. This phenomenon has been well-known by criminal defense attorneys for years, but the video in the article is priceless. The seminar video is of a city attorney essentially boasting that his civil forfeiture techniques can get departments whatever they want. This article from the Lost Coast Outpost is interesting because it appears to be an example of someone actually fighting back. Most people would be satisfied with the return of 90% of their unlawfully-seized money, but these two men appear to be fighting the good fight to protect their civil liberties: they are demanding 100% of the return of their seized money, and suing the police for damages.      

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Nazi Sympathizer Mark Kruger

Nazi Sympathizer Mark Kruger As if the Portland Police Bureau doesn't have enough problems, Captain Mark Kruger's past just keeps coming back to tarnish the entire department and City of Portland. That Portland-- or any American city-- would hire, train, and keep employed a police captain with Nazi sympathies is simply shocking. Mark Kruger has a history of dressing up as a Nazi, erecting monuments to Nazi soldiers in Portland public spaces, collecting Nazi weapons & memorabilia, and-- in his official capacity with the Portland Police Bureau-- using excessive force during an anti-war protest in the city's downtown. Maxine Bernstein from The Oregonian has done a wonderful job covering this story, and the history of Portland's anti-Semitic cop. She reports that the city recently settled a tort claim filed by Kruger against the city after the Portland Police Performance Review Board disciplined Kruger for bringing “discredit and disgrace upon the Bureau and the City” by building a public tribute to five Nazi-era German soldiers at a city park while employed by the police bureau. The tort claim settlement dismissed the past discipline against Kruger and paid him $5,000. Mayor Charlie Hales has publicly apologized for signing the binding settlement agreement, but defends his actions. Please take a moment to let Mayor Charlie Hales know on his Facebook wall or Twitter feed that Portland has zero sympathy for Nazi sympathizers, and that the Mayor needs to do everything he can to discharge this fascist cop from the Portland police force. Maybe Argentina will welcome Kruger?

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Teaching children to be kind & empathetic

Washington Post writer Amy Joyce has written articles on teaching children to be empathetic and teaching children to be kind. Her latest article contains recommendations based on the work of Richard Weissbourd, a Harvard psychologist with the graduate school of education, who runs the Making Caring Common project. The Making Caring Common project contains resources for parents and educators on how to raise children who are caring, respectful, and responsible toward others and their communities. Their latest research report-- The Children We Mean to Raise-- highlights the problem of children prioritizing individual achievement and personal happiness over concern for others. The report is based in part on information analyzed from a diverse cross-section of youth from across the nation-- including a survey of 10,000 middle and high school students from 33 schools and on hundreds of conversations with and observations of youth, parents, and teachers over the last 10 years. Richard Weissbourd's book titled "The Parents We Mean To Be: How Well-Intentioned Adults Undermine Children's Moral and Emotional Development" can be purchased on  

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Texas Police Officer Kills For Jesus

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that Patrol Sergeant Charlie Eipper of the Wichita Falls Police Department believes that God, Jesus Christ, and the Scriptures support his use of a rifle and sniper scope to kill anyone he finds threatening, and he's written a book called "Jesus Christ on Killing." Eipper  is quoted as saying, “When Jesus comes back, he will be the man of war. When he comes back, there will be a whole lot of killing going on. Scripture says that (Jesus) is going to be the one doing it. Our Savior will be going to battle. Finally, Israel will see their national salvation occurring.”        

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Married Couples With Daughters Are More Likely To Divorce

  Marriages in the United States producing firstborn daughters are more likely to end in divorce than those producing firstborn sons. It's been generally assumed that this is evidence of fathers’ preference for a son. Scientists have recently published a study in the journal Demography that challenges the conventional belief. The study-- co-authored by Duke University economist Amar Hamoudi and University of Wisconsin-Madison sociologist Jenna Nobles-- suggests that female embryos are actually hardier in the womb, and therefore more likely to reach full term if the expectant mother is in a stressful relationship. 'Girls may well be surviving stressful pregnancies that boys can't survive,' Hamoudi said in a press release. 'Thus, girls are more likely to be born into marriages that were already strained.' The researchers based their research on longitudinal data from a nationally representative sample of U.S. residents from 1979 to 2010-- the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY79).

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Tour the 4th Dimension nonprofit sober club – July 16, 2014 – 6:00PM – 7:30PM

From the City Club of Portland website: "4th Dimension is a place for recovery in the real world. It is an alternative social club that is dedicated to bettering the lives of those who inhabit it. Their mission is simple: to provide a safe and fun environment for the recovery community. The 4th Dimension is a recovery and entertainment hang-out for teens and young adults who are recovering from addiction problems. Many of these people still want a social life, but where can they go that doesn't serve alcohol? 4th Dimension is the answer. We will have a tour of the facility and then a discussion with a panel including their Executive Director Winston Murray; Eric Martin, Executive Director of Addiction Counselor Certification Board; Erin DeVet, De Paul Youth Director of inpatient treatment; and people who's lives have been impacted by the program." Advanced M&D 2410 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227 July 16, 2014 Time: 6:00 PM PST - 7:30 PM PST        

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