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Lake Oswego Oregon DUI Attorney

Have you been arrested or cited for a Lake Oswego Oregon DUI charge? We can help. Oregon DUI Attorney Michael Romano handles DUI cases in Lake Oswego and surrounding areas.

Lake Oswego Oregon DUI Attorney

Lake Oswego Oregon General Information

Lake Oswego, Oregon was founded in 1847 and incorporated in 1910. It’s now an affluent suburb of Portland covering about 10 square miles with a population of approximately 36,000 people. It’s important to note that Lake Oswego is primarily located in Clackamas County Oregon, but it also has portions in Washington County Oregon and Multnomah County Oregon. Lake Oswego also has a municipal court. This all means that Lake Oswego DUI cases and related traffic violations can be a bit more confusing. You’ll need to look carefully at your paperwork to determine exactly where the case will be handled.

Lake Oswego Oregon DUI Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies most responsible for Lake Oswego DUI enforcement are the Lake Oswego Police Department, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, and the Oregon State Police.

The Lake Oswego Police Department consists of several officers led by Chief Don Johnson, and the department has Intoxilyzer 8000 breath testing machines installed & maintained by the Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division.

Other police agencies in or near Lake Oswego that may patrol, arrest, and issue citations for DUI include–but are not limited to the: Oregon State Police, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. Most Lake Oswego DUI investigations result in either an arrest or citation without arrest.

Lake Oswego Oregon DUI Cases

As previously mentioned, Lake Oswego is primarily in Clackamas County, but portions are also in Multnomah and Washington counties. This means that a DUI case in or near Lake Oswego could be referred for prosecution to the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, or the Washington County District Attorney’s Office. This also means that– if you receive a DUI in Lake Oswego– your case may be heard in Clackamas County Circuit Court, Multnomah County Circuit Court, or Washington County Circuit Court. However, most Lake Oswego DUI cases that occur within the city are handled by the Lake Oswego City Attorney’s Office and then referred to the Lake Oswego Municipal Court.

Lake Oswego Municipal Court DUI Attorney
The Lake Oswego Municipal Court is located inside Lake Oswego City Hall.

Lake Oswego Oregon DUI Diversion

Most drivers charged with a first-time DUI are eligible for Oregon’s DUI Diversion Program. DUI cases that are not available for diversion may still be eligible for dismissal, or may be able to be resolved through plea negotiations or trial.

Lake Oswego Oregon DMV Hearings

If you failed a breath test or refused the breath test, you will likely be looking at an administrative driver’s license suspension. This license suspension is separate from the criminal charge for DUI, and the license suspension can be imposed even before your criminal case is resolved. An administrative hearing called a “DMV Implied Consent hearing” is available to challenge this license suspension, but the request for the hearing must be made within ten-days of the date of your arrest. It is crucial that you have your attorney request this hearing immediately. The hearing will be scheduled and held by the Office of Administrative Hearings. The hearing will typically take place within 30-days after your arrest, and can be in-person or by phone. If you or the arresting officer demand an in-person hearing, the hearing location may not necessarily where you live, but rather will be within 100 air-miles of where the DUI arrest took place.

Lake Oswego Oregon DUI Jail Service

Drivers arrested for DUI in Clackamas County will typically be booked into the Clackamas County Jail. If any jail service is required later as part of a sentence, you will serve additional jail at this location.

Clackamas County Jail
Address: 2206 Kaen Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: 503-722-6777

Lake Oswego Oregon DUI ADES Evaluations

Any driver entering into the DUI Diversion Program or convicted of a DUI charge will need an ADES evaluation. Pioneer Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Services (PADES) handles the evaluations. The fee is $225. They also organize the DUI Victim Impact Panel (VIP). The fee is $50. For more information on the evaluations in Clackamas County, please see the Clackamas County DUI page.

Lake Oswego Oregon DUI Treatment

Any driver entering into the DUI Diversion Program or convicted of a DUI charge will need to complete a drug and alcohol education class or treatment. For more information on the treatment programs and providers in Clackamas County, please see the Clackamas County DUI page.

Michael Romano - Oregon DUI Attorney

Lake Oswego Oregon DUI Attorney Michael Romano

If you are facing an Lake Oswego DUI charge, we can help. We have offices in downtown Portland and we offer no-cost, no-obligation initial consultations in-person, by phone, or by video conference. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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