Hunting while Trespassing in Oregon

Whether you mistakenly trespassed by crossing over a ditch not realizing that was a boundary, or you spotted a trophy animal that you just had to have a shot at and thought you wouldn’t get caught, hunting while trespassing on enclosed lands of another is a common issue that Oregon landowners continue to battle each year. If found guilty of hunting while trespassing, you could face probation, fines and fees, a hunting license suspension, and you could be liable to the landowner for civil restitution if you are found trespassing on private land that has been posted.

Although most hunters attempt to stay on public land when hunting or fishing, it may not always be clear as to boundaries separating public and private lands (especially if you are hunting in a “land-locked” area). Private land may only be bounded by a fence, ditch, water, or any other line indicating separation from surrounding territory and therefore, it could be easy to trespass and not even realize it.

If you have been charged with hunting while trespassing and you need an attorney that can present a strong defense to fight the charges and keep your hunting privileges intact, contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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