Oregon DUI Drivers License Suspensions

There are many different types of DUI drivers license suspensions for various crimes and violations. In Oregon DUI cases, there are two types of DUI drivers license suspensions. There are generally two Oregon DUII driver’s license suspensions that can result from being arrested and/or convicted of DUI in Oregon.

Oregon DUI Drivers License Suspensions

Implied Consent DUI Driver’s License Suspensions

The first driver’s license suspension is an Implied Consent administrative suspension through the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and will be based on either a Breath Test Refusal or a Breath Test Failure. The length of this administrative suspension is typically 90 days, but can also be one year or even three years. This administrative driver’s license suspension is automatic unless the arresting officer fails to properly submit and Implied Consent Combined Report to the DMV, or you request and prevail at a DMV Implied Consent Hearing.

Criminal Conviction DUI Driver’s License Suspensions

The second type of driver’s license suspension is based on a conviction for DUI. A driver who is eligible for and successfully completes Oregon’s DUI Diversion Program will not have a conviction entered. However, drivers who are facing their second or third DUI conviction could be facing a 1-year driver’s license suspension, 3-year driver’s license suspension, or even a lifetime revocation of their driving privileges.

For both types of suspensions, Oregon hardship permits are often available which will allow drivers to travel to and from work or to and from drug/alcohol treatment. There is usually a waiting period to obtain a hardship permit, which will vary depending on your driving and criminal history.

Most people do not realize that one of the most complex areas of DUI law is the implications on driving privileges. There are many overlapping suspensions between the administrative suspensions and suspensions based on convictions. In addition to driver’s license suspensions, there are insurance coverage and rate-increase implications, SR-22 coverage requirements, Interlock Ignition Device (IID) requirements, waiting periods for hardship permits, and substantial DMV fees. If you’ve been arrested or cited for DUI, the absolute best course of action is to contact an attorney immediately to request a DMV Implied Consent hearing, and to discuss possible suspensions that could result from any DUI conviction.

If your driving privileges have been suspended for a DUI or traffic crime– if you’re facing a driver’s license suspension or revocation– contact one of Oregon’s best DUI lawyers. We have helped hundreds of clients with their suspensions, and we can likely help you.

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