Lane County Circuit Court Courthouse

The Lane County Circuit Court is Oregon’s 2nd Judicial District, and the Lane County Circuit Court Courthouse is located at: 125 E 8th Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97401. Their phone number is: 541-682-4020. The Lane County Circuit Court currently has 15 judges including one Presiding Judge and one assigned to juvenile court.

History of the Lane County Courthouse

The current courthouse was built in 1959– replacing the original courthouse built in 1855 and a prior replacement later built in 1898. Prior to 1905, Lane County was part of a circuit served by a single judge who traveled among six counties the counties, holding court in each county at various times of the year. In 1905, the Oregon Legislature created Lane County’s first Circuit Court Judge.

In 1947 the Oregon Legislature created District Courts to supplement the Circuit Courts, with the District Court handling misdemeanors, traffic, minor civil cases, small claims and landlord-tenant disputes. In 1998, the Circuit and District Courts were into a unified, and nearly all matters are now handled in Circuit Court (although justice courts and municipal courts still handle some matters).

In the spring of 2019, it was announced that the county would begin working on the Lane County Justice Center. However, politics appear to have slowed any forward progress on construction of a much-needed new courthouse and justice center.

Lane County Courthouse Parking

Paid parking is available in a lot directly across the street from the courthouse. There is also street parking available, for limited duration.

Lane County Court Local Rules

As with all Oregon courthouses, weapons and dangerous items are prohibited, and people entering the courthouse are subject to scan by metal detector and search of their persons and belongings. Free wifi is available for visitors, but cellphone use is prohibited in the courtrooms. The supplemental local rules for the Lane County Courthouse can be found here. The Lane County Court Rules Deskbook also contains additional information about court operation, as well as incorporates the Supplemental Local Rules (SLRs).


Lane County Courthouse- Lane County Circuit Court
Lane County Courthouse- Lane County Circuit Court

We Handle Cases in Lane County Circuit Court

Our main offices are in the Portland metro area and Bend, but we do travel to Lane County for some civil and criminal matters. For example, for non-diversion eligible DUI cases in Eugene, or other criminal cases with serious consequences, we travel to Eugene. Similarly, for high-asset divorce cases, we can help clients in the Eugene-Springfield area.

If you have a legal problem and are in need of representation in Lane County, contact our office. We can likely help you, or if we can’t, we can direct you to another law firm or attorney in Eugene who can.

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