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If you’ve been arrested for, cited for, or charged with a Eugene DUI charge, we can help.

Eugene DUI Attorney

General Information about DUIs in Eugene Oregon

Eugene, Oregon is the home of the University of Oregon, which is home of the Oregon Ducks and the birthplace of Nike. The neighboring town of Springfield, Oregon has been made famous and immortalized by the t.v. show The Simpsons (the show’s creator Matt Groening was from Portland, Oregon).

Eugene DUI Enforcement

The largest police agencies responsible for Eugene DUI enforcement are the Eugene Police Department, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, the Springfield Police Department, and the Oregon State Police. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a requirement that the agency that cites or arrests you be from the city or even county where you are charged. In other words, an Oregon State Trooper based out of Salem or Roseburg, can stop a driver near Eugene and cite or arrest the driver for DUI.

Eugene DUI Arrests

In terms of sheer numbers, there were 714 arrests in 2017 for DUI in Eugene. Historically, the numbers are up. In 2011, there were 643 DUI arrests by the Eugene Police Department, while in 2012, there were 751 DUI arrests. In 2013, there were 691 DUI arrests by the Eugene Police Department, while in 2014, there were 661 DUI arrests. Historical data shows about 61 DUI arrests by the Eugene Police Department in early 2016 (January through May). In 2018, it appeared that the most DUI arrests in Eugene occurred in the spring. This is probably due to spring break, and everyone venturing out after our cold and rainy winters in Oregon.

DUI Charges in Eugene and Lane County Oregon

Both Eugene and Springfield are within Lane County, Oregon. This means that your Eugene DUI will likely be a Lane County DUI case charged and prosecuted by the Lane County District Attorney’s Office and heard in the Lane County Circuit Court. If you were arrested or cited in another part of Lane County, your case may still be charged by the Lane County District Attorney’s Office and heard in the Lane County Circuit Court, however it may also be heard in a municipal court or justice court. Municipal courts and justice courts are not courts of record and– before you attempt to resolve your case in a court that is not of record– contact an attorney for more information.

Your criminal case will likely be charged as a misdemeanor and proceed through Circuit Court (the state court system for most civil and criminal cases). Lane County has one courthouse, and it’s located in downtown Eugene.

Lane County Courthouse
125 E 8th Ave
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Phone: (541) 682-4020

For more information on the local courthouse (e.g. where to park), please see our page on the Lane County Circuit Courthouse.

Eugene DUI DMV Hearings

After your arrest or citation, you want to contact a DUI attorney right away to request a DMV Implied Consent hearing. You only have ten days from the date of arrest to request this hearing, and it’s critically important. Your attorney may be able to save your driver’s license from an administrative suspension.

Lane County Jail Information

Lane County Oregon has only one jail, and if you are sentenced to jail following a Eugene DUI conviction, you will need to report for service in downtown Eugene.

Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Phone: (541) 682-4263

Lane County Jail Visitation Information

You may receive visitors while in the Lane County Jail in Eugene, Oregon. When you arrive at the Lane County Jail you will be given a Visitor Request List. You are allowed to modify this list every four weeks. In order to put someone on your list you must state your relationship to the visitor and list the following information:

  • Visitor’s Full Name
  • Visitor’s Date of Birth
  • Visitor’s Current Address
  • Visitor’s Telephone number
  • When visitors arrive they must have a current state-issued photo ID unless they are under 18. Visitors between the ages of 15-18 may use a current state-issued photo ID or their student ID. Visitors under 14 must have an original birth certificate.

All visitors must be properly attired which means no suggestive or tight fitting clothing, and all visitations must be scheduled. For more information, please call (541) 682-4263.

Lane County Jail Phone Calls

You may make collect calls from the Lane County Jail or you may set up an account with GTL/PCS by calling (877) 650-4249. Anything you say on the phone while in Lane County Jail is being monitored and may be used against you in disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

Lane County Jail Mail

You may receive mail while you are in jail in Eugene, Oregon.
Your address while in Lane County Jail is:

  • First Name, Last Name, AIRS Number
  • Lane County Adult Corrections
  • 101 West 5th Avenue
  • Eugene, OR 97401-2695

You can obtain an inmate’s AIRS Number by calling (541) 682-4263

Please inform anyone who wants to send you something that:

  • Letters must have a valid return address
  • They cannot send you stamps
  • You must purchase postage through the commissary
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, photos, internet print outs, and copies are all subject to very strict regulations. Please check on Lane County Jail’s website for the most current information.


Michael Romano - Oregon DUI Attorney

Michael G. Romano
Eugene DUI Attorney

Mr. Romano’s approach to criminal defense is very practical. We provide knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, and efficient representation in DUI cases– with a diligence and aggressiveness appropriate to the legal & practical consequences to the client, and the client’s personal preferences. In other words, a client who has a diversion-eligible DUI and a strong preference to quickly put the matter behind them may require or desire less work (and expense) than a client who is facing a lifetime revocation of their driving privileges, a felony DUI, or possible loss of employment. Mr. Romano does not recommend that every case proceed to a motion to suppress or trial, but Mr. Romano has received “not guilty” verdicts (aka acquittals) for clients with BACs (blood alcohol content readings) ranging from .08 to .26. Simply put: We have the ability and desire to help all drivers facing a DUI charge in Oregon.

We offer no-cost initial consultations in-person, by telephone, and by video conference. If you have been arrested or cited with Eugene DUI charge, and if you have questions about the court process, or your legal rights or options, contact us immediately to determine if we may be able to help you with your case.

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