Violations & Traffic Tickets in Oregon

Violations & traffic tickets in Oregon are the most common citations issued by Oregon law enforcement. Most people are familiar with violations because most everyone has had a speeding ticket at some pointРand speeding tickets are considered violations. There are a number of different types of violations in Oregon such as traffic tickets, hunting and game offenses, and alcohol/drug violations such as Minor In Possession of Alcohol or Possession of Less Than One Ounce of Marijuana. Violations in Oregon are punishable by a fine, but the court cannot impose probation, jail or prison time. While some people may shrug off a violation charge, it is important to note that some violations carry collateral consequences such as the loss of a significant privilege (i.e. hunting or driving). Some traffic violations may also place you at risk for increased insurance premiums.

If you have been cited for a violation, you may not need an attorney. However, there is little disadvantage in contacting an attorney with a no-obligation initial consultation to determine whether or not you’re facing more than a fine.

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