Violations & Traffic Tickets in Oregon

Oregon Violations & Traffic Tickets

Violations & traffic tickets in Oregon are the most common citations issued by Oregon law enforcement.┬áMost people are familiar with violations because most everyone has had a speeding ticket at some point– and speeding tickets are considered violations. There are a number of different types of violations in Oregon such as traffic tickets, hunting and game offenses, and alcohol/drug violations such as Minor In Possession of Alcohol or Possession of Less Than One Ounce of Marijuana. Violations in Oregon are punishable by a fine, but the court cannot impose probation, jail or prison time. While some people may shrug off a violation charge, it is important to note that some violations carry collateral consequences such as the loss of a significant privilege (i.e. hunting or driving). Some traffic violations may also place you at risk for increased insurance premiums. For more information on the fines for tickets and violations in Oregon, see our article Oregon Fines for Violations and Traffic Tickets.

Should I Hire An Attorney For A Violation or Ticket?

If you have been cited for an equipment violation, moving violation, or other traffic ticket in Oregon, you may not need an attorney or it may not be cost-effective to hire an attorney. For example, our office that we bill our normal hourly rate for initial consultations. This means a consultation typically costs twice as much as the ticket itself. However, if you are facing a driver’s license suspension or loss of a commercial driver’s license, call us because it’s likely worth exploring options to avoid the loss of your driving privileges.

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