Oregon Measure 11 Crimes

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Oregon Measure 11 crimes (“M11”) are a list of crimes that were modified in the mid-1990s to require mandatory minimum prison sentences. Measure 11 received it’s name from the citizens’ initiative label it was given when placed on the ballot in 1994.

Oregon Measure 11 offenses are the most serious felonies. The distinguishing feature of Measure 11 offenses is that they are punishable by a mandatory minimum prison sentence of between 70 and 300 months. Unlike many states which have lengthy prison sentences that are never really served, defendants convicted of Oregon Measure 11 offenses are almost always required to serve every day of the sentence and there is no reduction for “good time” or “good behavior.”

The list of Oregon Measure 11 crimes includes the following:

  • Arson I (Arson 1 / Arson in the First Degree)
  • Assault I (Assault 1 / Assault in the First Degree)
  • Assault II (Assault 2 / Assault in the Second Degree)
  • Attempted Murder
  • Attempted Aggravated Murder
  • Compelling Prostitution Use of Child in Display of Sex Act
  • Kidnapping I (Kidnapping 1 / Kidnapping in the First Degree)
  • Kidnapping II (Kidnapping 2 / Kidnapping in the Second Degree)
  • Manslaughter I (Manslaughter 1 / Manslaughter in the First Degree)
  • Manslaughter II (Manslaughter 2 / Manslaughter in the Second Degree)
  • Murder
  • Rape I (Rape 1 / Rape in the First Degree)
  • Rape II (Rape 2 / Rape in the Second Degree)
  • Robbery I (Robbery 1 / Robbery in the First Degree)
  • Robbery II (Robbery 2 / Robbery in the Second Degree)
  • Sexual Abuse I (Sexual Abuse 1 / Sexual Abuse in the First Degree)
  • Sexual Penetration I (Sexual Penetration 1 / Sexual Penetration in the First Degree)
  • Sexual Penetration II (Sexual Penetration 2 / Sexual Penetration in the Second Degree)
  • Sodomy I (Sodomy 1 / Sodomy in the First Degree)
  • Sodomy II (Sodomy 2 / Sodomy in the Second Degree)

If you are facing an Oregon Measure 11 charge, you should contact an attorney immediately. The seriousness of a possible Measure 11 conviction cannot be overstated.