Oregon Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Oregon Juvenile Delinquency Cases are very similar to criminal cases, except that the allegations are that a child, a youth, engaged in conduct that would have been criminal had the child been an adult.

Most juvenile delinquency cases begin with a petition being filed in juvenile or Circuit Court by the local District Attorney, the local juvenile department, or the Oregon Youth Authority.

Some of the things that can be ordered in juvenile delinquency cases:

  • That a youth be incarcerated in detention or at the Oregon Youth Authority
  • That a youth be on probation
  • That a youth pay fines, fees, and restitution to victims for the youth’s conduct
  • That a youth refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol
  • That a youth attend school, and maintain a certain GPA
  • That a youth not have contact with a victim of the youth’s delinquent conduct
  • That a youth not have contact with other youths who may have been engaged in delinquent conduct

Oregon Juvenile Delinquency Cases are serious matters and quite complex. If you or your child are under investigation in a juvenile delinquency case– or if a petition has already been filed– contact an attorney/lawyer immediately. Just because the case is a juvenile case does not mean it’s not serious, or that there cannot be ramifications for the case even after the child becomes an adult.

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