Wasting of Wildlife in Oregon

When it comes to wasting of wildlife, it doesn’t matter if you are illegally poaching or legally hunting, you can be charged with wasting of wildlife whether you leave any part of the animal behind (in whole or in part) or choose to only take the most valuable and sought-after parts such as the backstrap, hide, antlers or head (usually referred to as “trophy hunting”). Other body parts that are commonly sought-after and result in wasting of wildlife include claws, teeth, and feathers.

According to ORS 498.042:

No person shall waste any edible portion of any game mammal, game bird or game fish or the pelt of any fur-bearing mammal.

However, there are exceptions to this rule and they include: cougar meat, lawful trapping activities, and any bird/mammal that is deemed inedible by the State Fish and Wildlife Commission. These parts a can be left behind and not considered to be wasteful of wildlife.

It is also important to understand that much like other criminal charges such as Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) and being charged based off of the officer’s opinion as to whether or not a driver is at all “impaired” — even if under the legal limit, wasting of wildlife can be charged simply based on the opinion of the investigating officer as to what they consider to be “wasteful”.

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