Decoy Violations in Oregon

When hunting in Oregon, it is imperative to understand the limitations of decoy use to avoid any decoy violations.

Over the years, the use of wildlife decoys has gained in popularity across the nation as technology has produced more realistic and easily used decoys for bird and big game hunting. Advances in the recent years have continued to build on that realism to include motion decoys, especially for waterfowl hunting. Controversy over the impacts to the wildlife population and the potential impact to hunting seasons has grown with these advances which have caused several states, including Oregon, to implement specific restrictions on the use of these decoys. With the implementation of this restrictions, the number of decoy violations has also been on the rise.

For big game hunting, except for purposes of law enforcement or wildlife management, the use of decoys with any moving parts is prohibited for all big game species. This rule is intended to ban decoys that attract wildlife via movement. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to: decoys with parts that are powered by a motor, battery, human action (cable or pull-string), or the wind.

When game bird hunting, the restrictions are wildly different. Unlike the big game restrictions, decoys with parts that are moved solely by human actions (cable or pull-string) or the wind are allowed and since flexible and adjustable parts that permit placement or adjustment of a decoy but do not otherwise move do not constitute “moving parts”, they are allowed as well. However, no person shall:

  • Hunt game birds or crows by the use or aid of any live birds for decoys.
  • Hunt game birds (except for crows) by the use of records or tapes of bird calls or sounds, or electrically amplified imitations of bird calls or sounds.
  • Hunt game birds with the use of decoys powered by motor, battery, or other self-powered methods.
  • Hunt game birds with a quiver magnet.

If you’ve been charged with any decoy violations, contact our office to scheduled an initial consultation.

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